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Dr. T. Tanlamai

Comprehensive Eye Exams

A normal eye exam includes testing for eye health. An air-puff tonometer is used to screen for glaucoma by measuring intraocular pressure. A slit-lamp biomicroscope is used to examine the front of the eye, and the retina is viewed with an ophthalmoscope.

The Optometrists

Dr. Prem Ratan has a Doctor of Optometry degree (O. D.) from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She formerly practiced optometry on Boylston Street.

Dr. T. Tanlamai has a Ph. D. in Physiological Optics from Indiana University and a Doctor of Optometry degree (O.D.) from New England College of Optometry, Boston. He formerly practiced optometry on Boylston Street and at Downtown Crossing.

Dr. T. and Dr. Prem opened Newbury Visions as their optometry practice and eyewear shop in 2001, conveniently located for old and new patients.

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